Customized Courses

Most students have one or two subjects in which they struggle more than others; Chemistry, Math, and Spanish are among the most common. Students tend to ignore these subjects and focus their attention on their stronger subjects. The longer these problem areas are ignored, the further they fall behind. Emerald City Tutors offers a variety of specialized courses to help students bridge the gap.

Emerald City Tutor Mikel Adame helping a student with homework.

Courses Offered:

We customize our courses to meet the specific needs of your child and enable them to develop their understanding and skills in any subject. Each course includes thirty hours of tutoring as well as study materials.

Some of the courses offered are: general study skills, English writing, chemistry, math, and Spanish. If your student struggles in a different subject area, do not hesitate to contact us, we have tutors who specialize in all subject areas.