Test Time

Many students struggle with test taking and often dread taking exams. Studies show that adequate preparation greatly improves confidence and raises tests scores. Students enrolled in our programs find that working with a tutor before tests enables them to achieve the results they desire. Emerald City Tutors offers test preparation for tests in all subjects, and our tutors specialize in developing effective study habits.

An Emerald City Tutor helping a student prepare for the SAT exam.

SAT & ACT Preparation

The SAT & ACT exams are very important tests that can effect the opportunities students have to pursue higher education. A high SAT or ACT score can open up more doors to a wider selection of colleges. High test scores can even increase the amount of financial aid students receive.

We offer SAT & ACT preparation tutoring sessions which enable students to do their best on these important exams. In addition to the material covered in the exams, we also teach general test taking strategies which can be applied to any test your student may take!